4 channel video.

The doll in this video is a Reborn brand baby doll. I went to the skating rink with it and immediately the children asked for it. No instructions were given. 

Reborn dolls are highly life-like and some even do baby-like things like holding your hand. Almost all Reborn customers are women, particularly older women. The process of buying a reborn can be done to simulate an adoption process, rather than a prosaic sale of a product. As part of this, the dolls often come with fake birth certificates or adoption certificates. Many women collect Reborns as they would a non-Reborn doll, while others purchase them to fill a void of a lost child and may treat Reborns as living babies. Media features and public receptions use adjectives such as "creepy" to describe the Reborns which seem to fall into the uncanny valley hypothesis that as objects become more lifelike they gain an increasing empathetic response, until a certain point in which the response changes to repulsion here it was violence.