(Monterrey, Mexico- 1986) Artist living in L.A, California. I use a wide variety of media to produce my works. My work is conceptual; it is everyday life woven together with the absurd and the playful. The environment is often a starting point for me with high focus on the playful all the way into the paradoxical, it ranges from the obvious poetry of human drama to the unseen absurdities of life that go unspoken for.

In my work, I seek to exploit the aesthetics of balance while highlighting trivial moments that would otherwise go unnoticed in their original context. And then there are other facets of my work that come with an intense political charge; specifically dealing with the cancellation or the misplacement of a fixed identity “I” (historical or social), so that time and space converge in a spoken text and fictionalized story line that emerges little by little, but with a haunting crescendo that reaches for total awareness juxtapose self-awareness. 

The work is intended to challenge and invite introspection beyond one’s own subjective boundaries and is a residual invitation for one to destroy and rebuild the relationship between “I”, “the other”, “the entity”, “cannibal”, and “civilized”. Aesthetically, this is the cordial marriage of extremes, of seemingly incompatible worlds: the Avant-garde and the postcolonial theory or democratic movement from a left late, as a form of artistic resistance against the suppressive logic of capitalism. 

I will use materials that radiate cold and sometimes violent beauty that can perplex, challenge, and bewilder an audience. I choose mediums and disciplines that bring about an immediate aesthetic experience and a catharsis that can’t be put into words without deeper reflection and processing on various levels i.e. “the I” in either a historical or social context.